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Casinos in Japan are virtually unknown, but that does not mean, of course, that the Japanese are not lovers of gambling. There are many games of chance that have originated in Japan that have not yet been westernized. Keno is one of them and pachinko slot machines are another.

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Keno is one of the oldest games in Japan and was invented thousands of years ago in medieval Japan. The game was invented when the ruler of a city saw that his treasury was running out and that he had to find the funds to finance his war against his neighbor without raising the taxes on his already heavily taxes people. So he invented a game very like the modern keno where people marked down numbers on cards and then the numbers were drawn, Of course, there were differences between the modern game of keno and the game that was played in those time. First of all, the cards were different. There were no numbers, but a long poem that was used in those days to count things with. This poem is still used today. Secondly, the prizes were different, as money was seldom given out. The prizes were land, farming implements and cattle.


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