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The Easiest (yet Classiest) Game in Your Casino

What brings us to Roulette is the appeal James Bond gave to the game. It looks so classy and yet so cool to wager your money on the wheel, while you hold your champagne in one hand and your cigar in the other. Your girlfriends are at your side. People stare at you. You look cool with your tux and your shoes too. Roulette is a game that tells you that "hey, you belong on the casino". This accounts to why beginners, especially those who mark casinos in their books, would want to play roulette in the first place.

The game is so easy to play and it doesn't require skills at all. Unlike in Poker and in Blackjack, you're mind won't be pounded with constant strategy building. In roulette, you just watch the game and mind your chicks and wine.

To give you an introduction to the game, a roulette wheel has 38 equal spaces. 18 slots are allotted for reds, another 18 for blacks, and 2 for greens that are marked with zeroes. If you want to play roulette the first time, try chipping in $5 on a red or black. If the ball falls on your color, you win another $5. That's how simple it is: in every wager, you can win double the amount.

The odds for roulette are always almost 50%, discounting the greens. To be exact, that's 47.36% in favor of you winning. If you compare that with stud games, baccarat, craps and blackjack, those are some big odds for you.

Aside of betting reds or blacks, if you want to win more in roulette, you can wager a line like betting the group of 21 to 26. If the ball falls on any of those numbers, you win 5 times more of your bet.

If you're gunning for more, place your bets on the green, although these slots only give you 5.2% odds of winning. But the payoff would be worth it. Do the math. The biggest money you can get with roulette is betting on just one number, say, 32. If the ball does fall on 32, you get to win dough amounting to 35 times your bet.

With the simplicity of the game comes no strategy. Tote boards, which display the previous results, are just there for information. But they don't determine the next game's results. Roulette is purely a game of chance. Your guess is just as good as everyone. No number or color are due to come up.

But the reason why roulette is such a popular table game, despite being a non-strategy game, is the image it brings patrons when they're playing the game. It seems that when you bet on the table, everyone seems to be looking at you. You seem so popular. And boy, even if you lose, you still look cool.